All employees of Encore Techmology Co., Ltd. provides high quality service to electronic industry, based on company's business philosophy of perseverence, innovation and responsibility. Encore Techmology Co., Ltd. manufacturers high-quality Mn-Zn and Ni-Zn Ferrite Core material. Numerous kinds of products we offer can be applied to Transformer, SMD Power Inductor, Chip Inductor, High Inductor, Toroidal Inductor, Common mode choke, Choke Coils, bead, MATV/CATV, EMI, Telecommunication, Computer, Mobile phone, and Consumer equipments.
Technical cmployee equipped with abundant experience are our best assets. In conjunction with fine quality control and manufacturing and R&D equipment, we produce successfully the low loss, high permeability material and different type and shape of magnetic core for switching power supply, communication, computer/consumers' instrument and equipment.
From the obtaining of raw material, forming of particle powder and Sintering to core finishing, they have been done through a high quality controlled system. Professional engineers and promotion personnel will be available at all time for providing consultation service on special product design.We like to provide you with best service anytime.

Company history

1. in March 1996, was established in Hsinchu County's retired servicemen.
2. established in Dongguan city, Guangdong Province branch.
3. in 2008, Daye moved to new factory in Dongguan, covers 20 acres.
4.ISO9001 quality certified factory.

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