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High Current SMD Power Inductor

High frequency up to 5MHz power material

In response to market demand for high-frequency and high-current,
We produce New NP9 Mn-Zn Power material,
Designed for high frequency of Planar Transformer or high Current Power Inductors.
As the following FB or TFB Micro GAP Core.。

1. High frequency up to 5MHz power material.
2. Micro GAP design compare with two piece of Ferrite plate combination it has better reliability.
3. Excellence Inductance temperature stability from -40℃ to 125℃.
4. It can get various AL values and IDC with adjusting the GAP size and core length.

• Multi-phase regulators
• Voltage Regulator Module (VRM)
• Desktop and server VRMs and EVRDs
• Data networking and storage systems
• Notebook regulators
• Graphics cards and battery power systems
• Point-of-load modules
• DCR sensing

High Current Product

New NP9 材質介紹

New NP9 材質曲線

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